Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's Do or Dance

I have recently discovered the Facebook phenomena and am amazed at just how many friends I now have. Some of my friends have 600+ friends. I haven't taken an average of my 95+ friends, but it seems to be somewhere in the low 100s range. So I guess that I fall on the low end of the Facebook friends popularity graph since I have less than a hundred. I really wonder how anyone person in their early twenties could have 600+ friends and get their accounts hacked into.

I am really into sending the flowers and fish to all my greenie friends. Somehow I feel that I am connected to them and also to the great rain forest of the Amazon and to the whales off the coast of Maui. After all, Facebook sponsors do contribute to someone for all the green space that we create with our continually sending flowers to each. I am content to know that I have made a difference in controlling the deforestation of rain forest all over the world.

I have also learned to avoid politics after one of my "gay" Facebook friends, which I admit I still do understand his choices, decided to tear me a new one after posted on Facebook as to where all the uninsured masses, such as myself, will go for health checkups when Obama or McCain either gives us medical coverage or lets us buy into their Congressional plan. He asked,"If I thought that only the rich should have medical insurance then?" We had previously gone at it before when he reared his ugly head by posting a link to a nasty webpage on his Facebook page that referenced the bowel habits of one of the Apostles in the Mormon church. He later removed it after he said that he hadn't read that far down into the blog. That was a nice thing to do. Well, one of my other Facebook friends read what he and written and tore him a "don't pick on her because you don't know what you're talking about" new one. It really felt good to be defended. I like to pride myself in thinking that I can take care of myself. But to have a Facebook friend swoop down and just take care of things for me was just sublimely grand. I now find myself being completely ambivalent to his concerns and life. I thought that I could care but now I realize how much I really don't care. It's like trying to pay a rabid dog and every time you reach out to pet it, it tries to bite you. It's a really cute and seemingly loving dog but it doesn't seem to want to act like a dog. I'm no fool since I offered to take this dog on a nice walk in the park in the beginning as a peace offering and now I'm the one who is being chased through the park with a crazy ass barking dog at my heels.

I just want to dance and somehow be left alone. It's do or dance time and I find myself wanting to just go away for a while and maybe think of coming back. I have no idea why but it has something to do with the spaces around me and how they confine me, even the page I write on. I think that I define myself on these pages but it's all just words that should have meaning but they don't. The only real meaning in life is that we live and then we die and it's the things that we do in between that have meaning. Don't ever try and take away by family. They're the real meaning between living and dieing.


Mac said...

Awww Mom, now I wish I'd read this last night.

I can be your hero, mommie.

Anonymous said...

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