Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yessica, mother of two

On October 16, 2006, a hispanic family was brutally executed at gun point in southern Florida and left on the side of the Interstate. The mother, Yessica Guerrero Escobedo, used herself as a shield to protect her 3 and 4 year old son and daughter. The father, Jose Luis Escobedo, was found nearby and was about to celebrate his birthday on October 20th.

There will be no sunshine on their childrens' faces. No soft brown hands to wash before supper. No more sippy cups to quench thirsty lips. No quiet nights and listening to the soft sounds of their children sleeping next to them in bed. No more beds to make or family to call. No birthday party for their papa.

I don't know their life circumstances but I know their children were innocents. Only the most evil would shed innocent blood.

The whole gruesome thing hit me when I was walking into the grocery store and saw a Latino woman with a small child in her cart. I felt her sex and the warmth of her body as I walked by and sensed just how ALIVE she really was. All sound and motions, she was quickly gone. She would shop and go home with her child, sleep next to her husband and make love to him, wake up, feed her child and have another day on this earth. She will be loved tonight and tomorrow wake up in this mad, mad world.

I am horrified by the fact that life can be taken away so quickly by those who have the means to do so. This family wasn't just murdered, but were slaughtered like animals. They had little time to defend themselves.

There is honor here in what this mother did in trying to shield her children from a bullet's path.

Praise and honor to you, Yessica mother of two.....

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